How I can help and what I know...

As your doula, I have a half century of life experience. I will mother you like you deserve to be mothered in the birth context and setting of your choice. Both you and your birth partner will be at ease and well taken care of. 

Ina May Gaskin: "If the Birthing woman doesn't look and feel like a goddess while birthing, she is not being taken care of properly."

To date, I am a Holistic Birth and Post Partum  Doula via I  received my certificate with DoulaRina Crane in NYC. Subsequently I have been mentoring with midwife Tanya Wills at her Manhattan community of birth workers. I have received my prenatal yoga teachers training with Krissy Shields at, as well as Midwife Assistant Training with JJB Midwifery. 

My background is in music and theater. U of U and NYU. I have  a pro organizing business working both coasts and in between for more than 25 years. I am a creative problem solver. I go with the flow to help you find yours.

I facilitate your birth by giving you the time, energy and attention you deserve. I am your birth consultant. 

I hold a Yoga Siromani or yoga teaching certificate from the Sivananda International Yoga Vedanta Organization, studying at their Ashrama in India.  

I will honor your natural instincts in birth, supporting your choice of caregiver or providing resources for alternatives as needed. The birth is about the family, your family. I am a liaison. I accompany you without interference by facilitating the transformation to parent. I support the most physiological birth you might desire. I make no judgements about epidurals

I am conversant in a birthing persons' altered states. I am a person educated in child birth. I trust you to tell me exactly how you want to be nurtured. In effect I become your " primary care nurturer." I support your choices as a self-directed mother. 

I am your advocate to help you get what you want and understand within informed consent and hospitals. I advocate presence and continuity of care to elevate the family.